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High intelligent soil nutrient detector

High intelligent soil nutrient detector



High intelligent soil nutrient detector can quickly detect ammonium nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, organic matter, pH, salt and so on in soil and fertilizer.
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1.High intelligent soil nutrient detector product introduction:

High intelligent soil nutrient detector can quickly detect ammonium nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, organic matter, pH, salt and so on in soil and fertilizer.Complete supporting facilities: The instrument integrates medicine, equipment and instrument in one, which is easy to carry and is equivalent to a small mobile laboratory. It can also be used for field mobile testing. It is suitable for agricultural service departments or agricultural material dealers, cooperatives, fertilizer manufacturers, and large growers to test soil and fertilize.

Complete testing functions: The testing items are comprehensive, including domestic and foreign ones. In addition to the standard reagents, other types of reagents can be purchased as an option.

The operation is simple and fast, and it comes with a complete set of accessories and finished medicines that can be used right out of the bottle without the need for configuration.

2. High intelligent soil nutrient detector has multiple functions and complete test items:

Soil nutrients: soil ammonium nitrogen, soil available phosphorus, soil available potassium, soil nitrate nitrogen, soil hydrolyzed nitrogen, soil total nitrogen, soil total phosphorus, soil total potassium, soil organic matter (Qiu Lin method), soil organic matter (extraction method), pH value, salt content, and water content.

3. High intelligent soil nutrient detector test efficiency:

One-time simultaneous extraction and determination of multiple nutrients such as fast-acting N, P, K, etc. in soil (drafter of the Ministry of Agriculture's rapid measurement industry standard).

Test speed: Under normal proficiency, it takes 20 minutes to test three items of a soil sample (N, P, K) (including reagent preparation and soil sample pretreatment time), and ≤40 minutes to test three soil samples (N, P, K) at the same time, and ≤1 hour to test 8 soil samples at the same time.

4. High intelligent soil nutrient detector features:

1. This instrument integrates various functions in one, does not require users to prepare accessories, and can be flexibly used for flow detection.

2. Android intelligent operating system, the main control chip adopts ARM Cortex-A7, RK3288/4 core processor, the main frequency is 1.88Ghz, the operation speed is faster and the stability is stronger.

3. Built-in calibration function, intelligent constant current and voltage regulation, and automatic light intensity calibration during the detection process ensure detection accuracy.

4. 6 detection channels can quickly detect 6 samples at a time, greatly improving detection efficiency and reducing detection costs.

5. The instrument is equipped with WiFi wireless upload, 4G network transmission, and GPRS wireless remote transmission to quickly upload data.

6. Equipped with a smart cloud agriculture platform, after the instrument is connected to the wireless network, the detection data can be uploaded wirelessly selectively or in batches, which is convenient for users to manage data and conduct long-term analysis.

7. The instrument is equipped with USB interface and Ethernet interface, built-in large-capacity memory, and data can be copied with a USB flash drive at any time.

8. You can use your mobile phone to log in to the cloud platform at any time to view historical data online

9. Built-in crop expert fertilization system can calculate and recommend fertilizer dosage for target yields of more than 100 kinds of national agricultural cash crops, fruit trees, etc., and scientifically guide agricultural production based on fertilization formulas. The results of soil testing and fertilization formulas can be printed, and the printed content includes: crop type, fertilizer type, target yield, total demand, and recommended fertilization plan.

10. Built-in plant nutrition diagnosis standard atlas, based on the pictures of nutritional deficiencies of various crops, leaf comparison is carried out to diagnose abundance and deficiency.

11. 4-wavelength professional test cold light source (red, blue, green, orange), the wavelength of the light source is stable, the light source has no temperature drift during long-term continuous work, the life span is up to 100,000 hours, with good reproducibility and high accuracy.

12. The colorimetric cell uses a standard 1cm colorimetric dish, which has no mechanical displacement and wear. The optical path test positioning is precise and effectively shields external light interference, ensuring that the test results are better than national standards.

13. The instrument system is equipped with sample pre-treatment operation videos. Various sample detection methods can be viewed by clicking on the video module. The testers do not need to study the instructions by themselves. The guidance and teaching are convenient and fast, which is convenient for novices to operate quickly.

14. Built-in new generation high-speed thermal printer (no ribbon required), the printed content includes: testing unit, testing personnel, testing items, channel number, absorbance, nutrient content (mg/kg), testing time, QR code and other information

15. Highly sensitive 7-inch true color touch screen, adopts more efficient and user-friendly operation, high-definition and highly interactive display, which greatly reduces the cumbersome operation and errors of traditional instruments.

16. Built-in clock function, convenient for operation time recording and long-term historical tracing.

17. You can set up multiple account and password logins, efficient UI interaction interface, different users can freely add and edit detection information, which can be saved and used for a long time.

18. GPS function: can record longitude and latitude locations during field operations to meet special user needs.

19. Built-in low voltage prompt function can clearly indicate the power level during detection to avoid test data deviation. It also has power-off protection function, which automatically saves data when power is off to prevent data loss.

20. AC/DC dual-purpose power supply, built-in large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, can work continuously for more than 10 hours when fully charged, and can also be connected to an external vehicle power supply for storage.

21. The instrument has the function of switching between Chinese and English, which can meet export requirements.

22. High-strength PVC engineering plastic suitcase design, sturdy, durable and easy to carry.

5. Technical parameters of High intelligent soil nutrient detector:

1. Power supply: AC 220±22V DC 12V+5V (built-in lithium battery or vehicle power supply)

2. Power: ≤5W

3. Range and resolution: 0.001-9999

4. Repeatability error: ≤0.03% (0.0003, potassium dichromate solution)

5. Instrument stability: No digital drift within one hour (transmittance measurement); digital drift does not exceed 0.3% (0.003, transmittance measurement), 0.001 (absorbance measurement) within two hours.

6. Linear error: ≤0.1% (0.001, copper sulfate detection)

7. Sensitivity: Red light ≥4.5×10-5 Blue light ≥3.17×10-3 Green light ≥2.35×10-3 Orange light ≥2.13×10-3

8. Wavelength range: Red light: 680±2nm; Blue light: 420±2nm; Green light: 510±2nm; Orange light: 590±4nm

9. PH value (acidity): (1) Test range: 1~14 (2) Accuracy: 0.01 (3) Error: ±0.1

10. Salt content (conductivity): (1) Test range: 0.01% to 1.00% (2) Relative error: ±5%

11. Soil moisture technical parameters Moisture unit: ﹪ (g/100g); Moisture content test range: 0-100﹪; Error less than 0.5%

12.Display resolution: 1024*600

13. Earthquake resistance level: IP65

14. Instrument size: 48×34.5×22cm

15. Net weight of the host: 5.2kg

6. After-sales service of High intelligent soil nutrient detector:

The whole instrument is under warranty for five years, with free lifetime maintenance service, free instrument delivery and free training.

Provide free lifelong support for agricultural related technologies such as soil and fertilizer!

7. High intelligent soil nutrient detector configuration list:

Instrument boxMedicine Box
Serial numbernamequantitySerial numbernamequantity
1instrument1 set1Medicine Box1 set
2pH meter1 piece2NPK organic matter reagent1 set
3TDS Meter1 piece3Qualitative filter paper1 box
4Electronic scale (100g/0.01g)1 set4Cuvette10 boxes
5Aluminum Box15Glass test tube12 sticks
6Ear wash ball16Plastic test tube20 pieces
7Glass stirring rod17Triangular bottle 100ml2
8Glass pipette 1ml18Reagent bottles1
9Glass pipette 2ml19Measuring cylinder 50ml1
10Glass pipette 5ml110Plastic dropper12
11Glass pipette 10ml111Test tube rack1 pair
12printer paper1 volume12Test tube brush1 piece
13manual113Bottle washing1
14Certificate of Conformity/Warranty Card1 serving14Weighing spoon1 set

15Power Adapter1 set

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