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What impact does meteorological environmental monitoring have on agricultural development?

time:2022-08-31 16:11:44  source:Weather Station viewed:570 time

Agricultural development will encounter some bad weather, such as typhoon, rainstorm, drought, hail, frost, etc., which will bring losses to agriculture. Setting up a meteorological and environmental monitoring system in farmland will help to improve the level of agro-meteorological environmental monitoring in the region, increase the yield of crops, and increase the ability to prevent disasters. With the development of smart agriculture, the model of weather station + Internet continues to develop, and the agricultural environment monitoring system will bring more development opportunities.

Meteorological environment monitoring

What is the impact of meteorological monitoring services on meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation?

Meteorological service means that meteorological monitoring staff use professional meteorological monitoring tools to conduct meteorological monitoring, and conduct relevant analysis and prediction to provide corresponding meteorological services for agricultural growers. Meteorological service workers need to guide farmers to carry out relevant planting and take measures to prevent disasters based on certain meteorological monitoring. In a word, meteorological services and related disaster prevention work help meteorologists to combine theory and practice to a certain extent, and can also reduce agricultural losses, reduce the cost of agricultural development, and reduce the risk factor of agricultural development.

Fengtu Meteorological Environment Monitoring System is a multi-element automatic observation station developed and produced in accordance with the International Meteorological Organization's meteorological observation standards. It can monitor conventional meteorological elements such as wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure, rainfall, soil temperature and humidity, and has functions such as automatic recording, overrun alarm and data communication. The automatic observation station consists of three parts: meteorological sensor, meteorological data recorder, and meteorological environment monitoring software. Widely used in industrial and agricultural production, tourism, scientific research, meteorology and other urban environmental monitoring and other professional fields.

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