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Functions of Intelligent Soil Moisture Monitor

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Intelligent Soil Moisture Monitor is an instrument specialized in obtaining key information such as soil moisture, soil's temperature and humidity. It integrates data collection, storage, transmission and management functions, and is able to transmit soil moisture information wirelessly and track moisture changes in real time.

This device is an integrated design, capable of monitoring soil moisture at different depths at the same time. Without destroying the soil structure, the data collection device is rationally modified. The device is able to quickly and accurately determine the moisture content of the soil and can transmit this data to a computer or cell phone, enabling the user to access and record it at any time. Remote communication with a host computer is possible via wireless transmission. The device not only has a high degree of accuracy and stability, but also has the advantage of simple operation and easy maintenance. It can be used in a variety of harsh environments and is a good soil moisture monitor for farmland. The system is applicable to a wide range of soils and crops, and can provide comprehensive soil moisture monitoring services for agricultural production.

The Intelligent Soil Moisture Monitor is an efficient, accurate and reliable instrument that assists agricultural practitioners to keep abreast of the soil moisture status and provides critical reference information for agricultural production. The parameters of intelligent soil moisture monitor include soil temperature, soil moisture, recording interval, measuring point spacing and so on. Among them, the measurement range of soil temperature is usually -40+125℃, and the measurement accuracy is ±0.5℃; the measurement range of soil moisture is 0-100%, and the measurement accuracy is ±3%. The recording interval can be adjusted according to demand, and the spacing of measurement points can also be adjusted.

Functions of Intelligent Soil Moisture Monitor

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