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What is the sampling frequency of an ultrasonic wind speed sensor?

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Q: What is the sampling frequency of ultrasonic wind speed sensors?

A: Usually between 20kHz and 100kHz.

Ultrasonic wind speed sensor is a fully digital signal detection instruments, can be ultrasonic propagation time in the air to calculate the wind speed, is widely used in mines, forests, weather monitoring and other fields. Today, I will briefly introduce the ultrasonic wind speed sensor.

Ultrasonic wind speed sensor mainly uses ultrasonic time difference method to realize wind speed measurement. When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the air, if it encounters upward airflow, the propagation speed will be accelerated; conversely, if it encounters downward airflow, the propagation speed will be slowed down. Under fixed detection conditions, there is a functional relationship between ultrasonic propagation speed in the air and wind speed. By accurately calculating the time of ultrasonic propagation, precise values of wind speed and direction can be derived.

Compared with traditional mechanical wind speed sensors, ultrasonic wind speed sensors have the following advantages:

Non-contact measurement: ultrasonic wind speed sensors do not need to touch the air, so they are not affected by changes in air density, humidity, pressure, etc., and have higher measurement accuracy and stability.

Digital Signal Processing: The ultrasonic wind speed sensor adopts digital signal processing technology, which can calculate wind speed and direction more quickly and accurately, and can be remotely controlled and calibrated through software.

Wide Measuring Range: Ultrasonic wind speed sensor is suitable for different measuring ranges, from breeze to strong wind can be measured accurately.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The ultrasonic wind speed sensor adopts low power consumption design, which can run for a long time and reduce maintenance costs. At the same time, it will not cause pollution to the environment.

Therefore, the ultrasonic wind speed sensor is a kind of efficient, accurate and reliable wind speed measuring instrument, which is suitable for all kinds of fields where wind speed monitoring is required.


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