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Integrated negative oxygen ion sensor

Integrated negative oxygen ion sensor



The integrated negative oxygen ion sensor collects negative oxygen ions, pm2.5, pm10, temperature, humidity, air pressure, oxygen content, noise, wind speed, wind direction and other meteorological elements together.
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1. Product Introduction

Shandong Fengtu Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd., as an enterprise   specializing in R&D, production and sales of micro weather instruments , has been committed to the promotion and application of micro weather instruments and meteorological environment solutions. With a complete production chain, a strong technical team and a comprehensive marketing team, we have developed and produced five-element micro-weather instruments, six-element micro-weather instruments and small automatic weather stations and other meteorological products, which have been widely used in meteorological monitoring, urban environment In the fields of monitoring, wind power generation, marine ships, aviation airports, bridges and tunnels, etc., customers are all over the country, and have achieved good social and economic benefits.

The FT-WQX10B ten-element micro-meteorological instrument innovatively realizes meteorological elements such as negative oxygen ions, pm2.5, pm10, temperature, humidity, air pressure, oxygen content, noise, wind speed, and wind direction through a highly integrated structure, which can Realize 24-hour continuous online monitoring of outdoor meteorological parameters, and output ten parameters to the user at one time through the digital communication interface.

2. Product Features

1. The ultrasonic probe is hidden in the top cover, avoiding the interference of rain and snow accumulation, and avoiding natural wind blocking (utility model patent, patent number ZL 2020 2 3215713.X)☆

2. The principle is to transmit continuously variable frequency ultrasonic signals, and detect wind speed and direction by measuring relative phase (invention patent, patent number ZL 2021 1 0237536.5)☆

3. Negative oxygen ion, pm2.5, pm10, temperature, humidity, air pressure, oxygen content, noise, wind speed, wind direction ten elements integrated

4. Using advanced sensing technology, real-time measurement, no start-up wind speed☆

5. Strong anti-interference ability, with watchdog circuit and automatic reset function, to ensure the stable operation of the system

6. High integration, no moving parts, zero wear

7. Maintenance-free, no on-site calibration required

8. Using ASA engineering plastics for outdoor applications does not change color all year round

9. The standard output signal of product design is RS485 communication interface (MODBUS protocol); optional 232, USB, Ethernet interface, support real-time data reading☆

10. Optional wireless transmission module, the minimum transmission interval is 1 minute

11. The probe is a snap-on design, which solves the problem of inaccurate loosening during transportation and installation☆

3. Technical parameters

1. Negative oxygen ions: 0 to 100,000/cm3, (reading ±10%; ion mobility ≤±20%);

2. Wind speed: 0~60m/s (±0.1m/s); (Beijing Meteorological Calibration Certificate)☆

3. Wind direction: 0~360° (±2°); (Beijing Meteorological Calibration Certificate)☆

4. Air temperature: -40-60°C (±0.3°C); (Calibration certificate from Beijing Meteorological Bureau)☆

5. Air humidity: 0~100%RH (±3%RH); (Calibration certificate of Beijing Meteorological Bureau)☆

6. Atmospheric pressure: 300-1100hpa (±0.25%); (Calibration certificate of Beijing Meteorological Bureau)☆

7. PM2.5: 0-1000ug/m3 (±10%)

8. PM10: 0-1000ug/m3 (±10%)

9. Noise: 30~130dB (±1.5dB)

10. Oxygen content: 0~25%Vol (±3%FS)

11. Power: 2.3W

12. The production enterprise has ISO quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health management system certification☆

13. The production enterprise has intellectual property management system certification and computer software registration certificate☆

14. The production enterprise is a 3A credit enterprise☆

4. Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions

5. Product structure diagram

Product structure diagram

6. Definition of product wiring
Definition of product wiring





Power positive



power ground








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