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Portable anemometer introduction

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Ventilation parameters such as airflow and air volume are critical to mine safety and they must be accurately measured and controlled. The use of portable anemometers ensures that these parameters can be measured with the required accuracy, thus providing a strong guarantee for safe mine production.

As the mining area of a mine expands and the working line extends, the number of points for monitoring wind speed continues to grow. In previous wind measurement operations, staff had to be equipped with a series of specialised instruments, including anemometers of different levels and portable methane detection equipment. This operation process is quite cumbersome, coupled with the need to monitor the wind speed of a large number of points, the staff need to manually record the data in the field every shift, and then bring the data to the ground, and then manually collated and entered into the ledger, which is not only inefficient, but also may lead to the recorded data and the actual situation of the deviation. At the same time, the wind measurement work itself is more labour-intensive, and it is a very physically demanding task for the staff.

In order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the wind measurement work under the mine, a portable anemometer can be used, which is a kind of advanced measurement equipment in the industry. Adopting ultrasonic technology and equipped with four probes, the instrument is capable of accurately measuring the wind speed and direction in the mine tunnel. It features full range coverage, high measurement accuracy and fast response speed. At the same time, the device can also integrate high sensitivity temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors to ensure accurate monitoring of environmental parameters.

With its clever design, in practical operation, you only need to start the instrument to synchronise the measurement of wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure parameters, and save the data instantly. After completing the measurement task and ascending to the well, the data can be quickly entered into the system for archiving, marking the mine wind measurement work formally stepped into a new stage of intelligence.

Portable anemometer introduction

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