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Micrometeorological monitoring equipment FT-WQX6

time:2024-05-17 08:48:50  source:Weather Station viewed:71 time

Meteorological monitoring technologies are becoming increasingly indispensable in contemporary society with the increasing emphasis on rural development, agricultural progress and ecological protection. Especially in the environmental monitoring of rural streets, the integrated ultrasonic sensing technology is showing its value. Taking the FT-WQX6 model micro-weather monitoring device as an example, the instrument utilises ultrasonic technology, which accurately determines wind speed and direction by emitting a series of ultrasonic waves of varying frequencies and relying on the phase difference between the reflected back of these waves. This method not only improves the accuracy of monitoring, but also provides a highly efficient technical means for accurate meteorological monitoring of the rural street environment.

Compared with old-fashioned wind speed and direction measurement tools, the meteorological monitoring equipment introduced by our company abandons the reliance on complicated timing equipment. This design cleverly solves the problem of inaccurate measurements caused by sensor initialisation delays, circuit processing delays or ambient temperature fluctuations.

The device supports round-the-clock monitoring and captures continuous meteorological data that is invaluable for improving the accuracy of environmental monitoring and professional guidance of agricultural activities. It plays a dual role in promoting the beautification of rural environments and modernising meteorological monitoring capabilities, combining practicality with aesthetics.

It has an instant response capability without the fear of activating wind speed restrictions, and a strong anti-interference capability that ensures the stability of the monitoring data and the reliability of the system, providing a solution for environmental monitoring in rural streets.

Micrometeorological monitoring equipment FT-WQX6

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