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Negative Oxygen Ion Sensor in Scenic Weather Station

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The negative oxygen ion sensor in the scenic weather station is a device specialized in monitoring the concentration of negative oxygen ions. It detects the negative ions in the air by utilizing ionization and is able to measure the amount of negative ions.

This sensor has the following characteristics:

High sensitivity: it can detect trace amounts of negative ions in the air and can accurately measure their quantity.

Stability: The sensor is able to maintain stable and accurate measurements even after prolonged use and exposure to air.

Durability: Sensors have a long service life and can withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

Maintainability: Sensors are low maintenance, requiring only regular calibration and cleaning.

In scenic weather stations, negative oxygen ion sensors are often used to monitor air quality and environmental conditions in scenic areas. By measuring the amount of negative ions, it is possible to determine whether the air in the scenic area is fresh and comfortable, as well as whether it is suitable for visitors to engage in outdoor activities. At the same time, the negative oxygen ion sensor can also be used in conjunction with other meteorological sensors, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and other sensors, to provide more comprehensive and accurate data support for the management and operation of scenic spots.

Fengtu Technology has two types of negative oxygen ion sensors, namely FT-WQX10B and FT-WQX5B. the following is the detailed introduction of these two negative oxygen ion sensors:

FT-WQX10B: This negative oxygen ion sensor has a highly integrated design, which is capable of realizing continuous online monitoring of negative oxygen ion, PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, oxygen content, noise, wind speed, wind direction and other meteorological elements. Its advantages include high degree of integration, high degree of automation, strong data transmission and storage capacity, easy installation and use.

FT-WQX5B: This anion sensor is a reduced version of FT-WQX10B, also with highly integrated design, it can realize the monitoring of anion, PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, air pressure and other meteorological elements.

Overall, both negative oxygen ion sensors can be applied in the field of weather monitoring, but which one to choose needs to be decided according to the actual needs and application scenarios.

Negative Oxygen Ion Sensor in Scenic Weather Station

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