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Specific workflow of the moisture monitoring system

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Moisture monitoring system is a set of intelligent agricultural monitoring system based on Internet of Things (IoT), which realizes the real-time monitoring of soil moisture content and its changes through the components of sensors, communication network and cloud platform.

The specific workflow is as follows:

The sensor is responsible for monitoring the changes of moisture content in the soil, which is transmitted to the cloud platform through wireless transmission.

The cloud platform processes the data, which can be intuitively displayed on terminals such as Android/IOS cell phones and computers.

Staff can flexibly arrange soil moisture sensors according to monitoring needs; sensors can also be arranged at different depths to measure profile soil moisture.

The system has a strong expansion capability, and can be equipped with optional meteorological sensors such as soil conductivity, soil PH, air temperature, air humidity, solar radiation, rainfall and so on.

In this way, staff can view real-time soil moisture data anytime and anywhere, thus providing relevant basic data for soil moisture information service.

Fengtu Technology is a manufacturer of moisture monitoring system, and its products have the following features:

Configurable sensors are many: soil moisture (4 layers), soil temperature (4 layers), air temperature, air relative humidity, light intensity, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, soil oxygen, seedling pictures, etc. The sensors adopt wireless transmission, which makes installation and maintenance more convenient.

Can be customized and expanded according to user needs, support a variety of different types of sensors and equipment access.

With alarm function, when the soil moisture content or temperature exceeds the set range, the system will automatically alarm and notify the user.

This system observes the soil temperature and humidity within the corresponding range through a layered observation structure, with one temperature observation point on the ground and one soil temperature and humidity measurement point every 10cm in the underground soil. At the same time, it can export the selected data list in the form of EXCLE table file, and can bind multiple monitoring station devices at the same time.

Overall, the Windway Technology Moisture Monitoring System is a full-featured, easy-to-use soil moisture monitoring system that is suitable for use in a variety of farmland environments.

Specific workflow of the moisture monitoring system

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