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What is the use of moisture monitoring and analysis management?

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Moisture describes the level of moisture in the soil, which reflects the actual water content in the soil and is critical to plant growth. There are three key indicators of soil moisture: the maximum saturated water content of the soil, which is the degree to which the soil can become completely saturated with water; the field holding capacity, which is the maximum amount of water that the soil can hold under natural conditions; and the wilting coefficient, which is the minimum amount of water that can be found in the soil at the point where plants begin to show signs of wilting.

Conducting soil moisture monitoring to understand changes in soil moisture in agricultural fields is critical for timely understanding of crop water requirements. It is the basis for effective agricultural drought relief, guiding farmers in scientific irrigation and promoting water-saving agricultural technologies, and an important safeguard to ensure stable agricultural development.

The use of soil moisture monitoring stations enables more accurate irrigation management, which helps farmers to water at the right time and in the right amount according to the actual water demand of the crops, avoiding the waste of resources and improper irrigation problems commonly found in traditional irrigation methods. In this way, not only do crops receive a healthier water supply, improving growth quality and yields, but valuable water resources are also conserved, soil structure is protected, and sustainable agricultural development is achieved.

The Soil Moisture Monitoring System consists of three main components: a monitoring terminal, a soil moisture sensor and a solar panel. This system is not affected by the amount of soil salinity and can be placed underground for a long period of time for a variety of soils. It monitors soil temperature and moisture at different depths and can detect up to ten layers of soil, quickly providing comprehensive information on soil moisture. The system also reports on soil moisture status in real time, helping farmers keep abreast of soil conditions to guide irrigation and support disaster prevention and mitigation efforts.

What is the use of moisture monitoring and analysis management?

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