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Micro-meteorological monitoring equipment to safeguard power supply

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Transmission lines often extend over tens or even hundreds of kilometres, traversing diverse terrain such as hills and plains, passing through farmland, villages, industrial areas and forests. Due to the variable geographical and climatic conditions along the route, transmission lines are exposed to a variety of natural hazards, such as storms, floods and earthquakes. These disasters may cause towers to collapse or wires to break, resulting in disruption of power supply.

In order to reduce the impact of natural disasters on the power grid, lines can be made more disaster-resistant at the design and construction stage. This includes measures such as adopting wind-resistant designs, reinforcing towers to improve their stability, and selecting more weather-resistant materials. Through these methods, the reliability of transmission lines can be improved and the risk of power supply interruptions due to severe weather reduced.

Our company provides micro-meteorological monitoring equipment that meets the relevant standards. The system provides comprehensive data monitoring and collection of the local meteorological environment at the monitoring point through a series of sophisticated meteorological sensors. It can accurately capture a wide range of meteorological parameters including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation and solar radiation. These data are sent to the monitoring centre in real time via 4G network and other communication technologies, making it easy for staff to view them on their mobile phones or computers.

The system has a real-time monitoring function, which can monitor the meteorological parameters according to pre-set safety thresholds. Once the detected meteorological parameters are out of the normal range and reach a level that may cause danger, the system will automatically send out an early warning message to remind relevant personnel to take necessary countermeasures. Such a design helps to prevent and mitigate the impact of natural disasters on transmission lines in a timely manner, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the power grid.

Micro-meteorological monitoring equipment to safeguard power supply

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