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Introduction of Integrated Automatic Rainfall Monitoring Station

time:2022-09-13 17:26:41  source:Weather Station viewed:473 time

The integrated automatic rainfall monitoring station is an unattended rainfall monitoring equipment. It not only has the incomparable advantages of traditional rain gauges and manual observation instruments, but also plays a significant role in improving work efficiency and reducing human errors. The system consists of the central control part and the regional measurement and control points. Its functions mainly include: (1) data acquisition; (2) data analysis; (3) display alarm information and so on. After experiments, it is found that the use effect is good, and it plays a certain role in reducing labor intensity and saving labor costs. At the same time, due to the use of computer remote monitoring and management, the quality of work has been greatly improved.

Reasonable design, reasonable structure, reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It can be widely used in the construction of urban drainage facilities to provide a scientific and effective basis for urban rainwater collection and utilization. The integrated automatic rainfall monitoring station integrates a variety of intelligent technologies and can reflect the rainfall in real time. Online measurement can be achieved through software and the results are graphically output to a large screen for intuitive display. You can also set various parameters or print out drawings for reference by technicians as needed. The system has the advantages of clear structure, convenient use, high reliability, easy expansion, easy installation and debugging, etc. It is suitable for promotion and application in various regions.

Nowadays, with the continuous development of computer technology and communication technology, especially the rapid popularization and application of mobile communication technology, people put forward higher requirements for hydrological forecasting methods. However, the existing conventional precipitation telemetry systems can only meet the detection requirements under general meteorological conditions. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop a new generation of multifunctional rainfall automatic weather station that can meet both the needs of modern meteorological operations and the accuracy of hydrological measurements.

Introduction of Integrated Automatic Rainfall Monitoring Station

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