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Rainfall monitoring station manufacturers

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Today, I will introduce the rain monitoring station manufacturer - Fengtu Technology, a professional meteorological and environmental equipment supplier!

If you want to buy rain monitoring stations and rain monitoring sensors, please visit the company's website!

Rainfall monitoring station is a very important meteorological observation facility, which not only provides basis for weather forecast, but also greatly helps people's safety in daily life. Therefore, rainfall monitoring station is an indispensable project in national construction.

The rainfall monitoring station is a self-operated product of Fengtu Technology. It consists of a rainfall sensor (rain gauge), a data transmission device, a battery, a solar panel, a bracket, etc. It sends data to the monitoring platform by wireless communication. Users only need to log in The online platform can see the latest data and historical data, thus achieving the purpose of online monitoring and remote monitoring of rainfall. In addition, users can set parameters such as data reporting interval, data reception volume, device sending location, and whether to clear the data on the IoT platform, without sending someone to the site to set and record, which is very convenient.

The rainfall data that the rainfall monitoring station can provide includes rainfall status, rainfall at each data collection interval, current rainfall, daily rainfall, weekly rainfall, monthly rainfall, annual rainfall, etc. After these rainfall data are sent to the platform, they can be exported by EXCEL.

Rainfall monitoring station manufacturers

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