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Brief Introduction of Automatic Monitoring Station of Ambient Air Quality

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The automatic monitoring station of ambient air quality can conduct real-time online monitoring of pollution factors in the air, and can provide data feedback through a large screen or display data through the user data statistics port. The monitoring items include the four gases and two dusts included in the air quality index. , that is, CO, SO2, NO2, O3, PM2.5, PM10, these are generally the key elements in our monitoring of atmospheric environmental pollution, and are also important items for air quality decline and pollution. The ambient air quality automatic monitoring station is also one of the main products of Shandong Fengtu Internet of Things Technology. On the basis of devoting to research and development technology, Fengtu Internet of Things strives to provide users with more information about air through continuous improvement of technology and service quality. Knowledge of quality monitoring stations and related services.

The automatic monitoring station for ambient air quality can be designed and implemented at low cost and high efficiency. The detection of PM2.5 in the air through the detection system can help people improve their living standards and improve the environmental quality under the premise that the environmental quality cannot be effectively changed. The ambient air quality automatic monitoring station mainly uses the ultra-low power consumption single chip STC12C5A60S2 as the core control module to collect, analyze, process and calculate the PM2.5 concentration in the air collected by the PM2.5 acquisition module. At the same time, the ambient air quality automatic monitoring station transmits the data through the serial port, and transmits it to the LCD screen LCD1602 to display the converted data, so that people can know the current PM2.5 content in the air in time, and take corresponding measures according to different situations. measure. People can set different concentration values through buttons according to the different surrounding environments to meet the requirements of different situations, but also limit the maximum concentration value. The ambient air quality automatic monitoring station has the characteristics of wide monitoring range, long monitoring time and complex monitoring conditions for urban air quality monitoring. JN5148 wireless microcontroller is used to build data acquisition nodes, and they are distributed in the air quality monitoring area, and then The JenNet wireless network is used to transmit the collected data, and the transmission distance can reach several kilometers, which meets the needs of large-scale distributed data collection. Finally, the embedded web server is connected to the Internet, and the remote users can view the air quality data through the terminal browser.

 The use of the automatic monitoring station for ambient air quality reduces the supervision burden of the environmental protection department to a certain extent, improves the efficiency of supervision, and also improves the environmental protection awareness of the monitored unit. The more intuitive data can clearly display the production operation of the unit How many substances that pollute the environment and air quality are produced will also help the monitored unit to improve work operations and adjust production in a timely manner.


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