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Duct air volume tester function introduction

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The Duct Air Velocity Tester is a handheld device designed to measure duct air velocity data. It features a fixed impeller air velocity probe with a telescopic handle that is flexible and retractable. The handle has a maximum length of up to 890mm and the impeller probe has a diameter of 16mm, making it an ideal tool for measuring wind speed in ventilation ducts.

The product has the following features and functions:

1. Flexible telescopic handle: the handle of the duct airflow tester can be telescoped, enabling the user to easily adjust the length to suit different duct sizes and measurement depths. The maximum length of the handle is 890mm, which can meet the measurement requirements of various duct layouts and installation situations.

2. Impeller wind speed probe: The device is equipped with a compact impeller probe with a diameter of 16mm, which can accurately measure the wind speed in the pipeline. The compact design of the impeller probe enables easy access to the duct and provides reliable measurement results.

3. Easy to operate: the duct airflow tester is simple to operate and easy to use. Users just need to insert the impeller probe into the duct and observe the instrument's display to get real-time wind speed data. The instrument has an intuitive interface and easy to understand operating instructions, without the need for cumbersome operation steps to complete the measurement.

4. Product configuration: testo416 impeller anemometer with 16mm diameter impeller probe, telescopic handle (up to 890mm), including batteries and factory report.

5. Lightweight and portable: the duct airflow tester adopts lightweight design and is easy to carry. Users can easily carry the device to different work sites for wind speed measurement, realizing instant and accurate data collection.

Duct airflow tester is widely used in the fields of commissioning, maintenance and performance evaluation of ventilation systems. It provides engineers, technicians and maintenance personnel with a fast and reliable way to measure air velocity in ducts, helping them to achieve precise airflow control and optimize the operational effectiveness of ventilation systems. Whether the ventilation ducts are in industrial, commercial or residential environments, the Duct Airflow Tester is a useful tool.

Duct air volume tester function introduction

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