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Introduction to the micro-monitoring station

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Micro monitoring station is an integrated weather sensor launched by Fengtu Technology, which adopts integrated structure, compact design, easy to carry, five-proof body, safety and environmental protection. The product can be used to detect the concentration of tiny particles in the atmosphere, but also can monitor the air humidity, temperature and other environmental parameters, and simple installation and maintenance.

The miniature monitoring station can be widely used in meteorology, ocean, environment, airports, ports, laboratories, industry and agriculture and transportation and other fields. It uses 4 ultrasonic probes to measure the wind speed and direction, the internal structure is integrated, there is no moving parts, and the shell is made of hard ASA material, which is more durable and the data is more reliable. The miniature monitoring station can be connected to a computer wirelessly to realize remote real-time monitoring. It can not only collect the indoor temperature and humidity changes, but also obtain the outdoor weather condition information; it can also deposit these information into the computer for users to analyze and judge. Therefore, it has high practicality. At present, it has been recognized by the majority of customers.

The miniature monitoring station is characterized by small size, light weight, low cost and easy operation. The products have been successfully applied to many industries and exported to many overseas countries.

The company is mainly engaged in environmental monitoring equipment and supporting instrumentation R & D, production and sales, products are widely used in the field of environmental air quality monitoring and urban meteorological monitoring field. Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the "quality of survival, innovation and development" as the business philosophy, on the basis of stable and improved product quality, and constantly strengthen the sense of service and customer service level, won a good reputation in the market. On this basis, we will continue to adhering to the "quality first, customer first, integrity and win-win" purpose to work with you to create a better future!

Introduction to the micro-monitoring station

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