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Soil water content monitoring stations can also be used for early warning of geological hazards

time:2024-05-22 08:49:35  source:Weather Station viewed:52 time

Soil moisture content monitoring station, an integrated monitoring system, integrates soil temperature and moisture detection, data storage, transmission and management functions, which consists of a dedicated data acquisition terminal, soil moisture sensor, solar power generation system and a visualised cloud management platform.

It has an important role in the field of agriculture. Growers can use the data obtained by the intelligent monitoring station to quickly grasp the soil moisture condition, so as to carry out timely irrigation, promote crop growth and improve yield. Of course, it can be used not only in agriculture, but also in the field of geological disaster monitoring. Through the real-time transmission of data, it can monitor the soil moisture changes in geological disaster-prone areas. The monitoring station supports local and remote data reading, and has the ability of remote management and instruction issuance. It can be combined with the "Geological Disaster Monitoring and Early Warning System", which can realise diversified early warning mechanisms, increase the frequency of data collection at critical times, and provide accurate and reliable basic data support for disaster prevention and mitigation work.

It measures soil water content and temperature through sensors, and users can access the data stored in the monitoring station locally or remotely, and the system also supports remote management and ordering. The monitoring station sends the collected data to the data centre in real time through GPRS, 4G and other communication technologies. Combined with the IoT monitoring platform, users can view the monitoring data in a variety of ways, which provides reliable data support for agricultural cultivation and disaster prevention.

This soil water content monitoring station from Fengtu Technology is aesthetically designed, corrosion-resistant and anti-interference, suitable for long-term outdoor use. It is powered by solar energy, which ensures at least 7 days of continuous operation with a backup power supply even in the absence of sunlight.


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