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Soil moisture monitoring stations to prevent drought

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Soil moisture monitoring is crucial for preventing drought and promoting green and sustainable development of agriculture, and it is also the basis for realising water-saving agriculture and building a modern agricultural system.

By strengthening the monitoring of soil moisture and drought conditions, especially during critical periods and seasons of crop growth, and taking into account the water-demanding characteristics of crops as well as local water resources conditions, a more scientific and rational irrigation programme can be formulated. This practice provides a solid scientific basis for water conservation, drought prevention and improved drought resilience.

By adopting solar power supply and 4G network transmission technology, the Soil Moisture Monitoring Station effectively solves the energy and communication problems of outdoor monitoring points, ensuring the continuity of monitoring work and the immediacy of data. It is capable of automatically collecting soil moisture data and uploading it to the cloud, with local storage and remote update functions for the data.

The monitoring station is equipped with a series of sensors to measure key indicators such as soil temperature, humidity, conductivity, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content, and pH. By placing these sensors in different soil layers, the station is able to monitor soil conditions comprehensively, providing accurate data support for agricultural production, helping to realise precision agriculture and rational use of water resources.

The Soil Moisture Monitoring Station has a very high accuracy of data measurement and can operate stably for a long period of time. It adopts a standby low-power design, combined with a solar power supply system, which can maintain a battery life of 10 to 15 days even under continuous rainy weather. The built-in data collection gateway automatically uploads data to the cloud via 4G network and provides IoT card traffic with the device. Users can view and manage the data through the free web site.

Soil moisture monitoring stations to prevent drought

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